ManufacturingHKT hybrid SD-WAN solution saves a garment group 30% in network cost


  • The garment group is a well-established Hong Kong company serves some of the top apparel brands in the world, and continuously expanding its presence in Greater China. It has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and factories in Guangdong and Jiangxi province.
  • As a result of the company’s digital transformation, the Group needed more bandwidth to ensure smooth data transmission between their subsidiaries and factories with the same network budget.

  • HKT delivered a managed SD-WAN solution for the various online systems across the Group’s network. This leveraged internet and HKT’s IPVPN connectivity to the most-appropriate paths for customer’s different applications.
  • HKT professional experts with solid project implementation experience in both Hong Kong and mainland China, provide high-quality operational practice and quick response from testing to provisioning to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • HKT’s hybrid SD-WAN solution improved the group’s visibility, and centralized control of their distributed network for enhancing their user experience and reducing the burden on their IT department.
  • As a result of the SD-WAN application routing technology, customer can now prioritize video conference and ERP system traffic on the superior HKT IPVPN network and choose offsite data backup and other non-critical applications on the Internet. Overall it has reduced the customer’s network costs by nearly 30%.

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