Interactive Customer
Engagement Solutions

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Omni-Channel Customer Experience

  • You may choose any combination of social media channels, e.g. Web Chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, … etc.
  • We can manage all the channels in a single queue and can keep record of service history of each customer with relevant ID registered in your CRM.
  • Our omni-channel offers good elasticity to cope with your marketing campaign. We had set a record of over 20 concurrent chats per agent on the Single’s Day event.
  • Our operation CRM system is capable of integrating voice, fax and email service with the social media service and manage an integrated single user interface for our agent which can highly improve operation. efficiency and favors work force management efficiency.
  • You may choose from a number of COPC standard conforming reports to your need.
  • Recruitment, training, couching and management of chat agents is unique but we have managed to develop our own scheme conforming to COPC principle.

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

  • We focus on employment of AI in Chatbot, Voicebot, Speech Analytics, Automatic Quality Assurance and other tailored derivable analytic service
  • Mixed language is a top challenge to Ai in this part of the globe. Cantonese could be the 1stchallenge because of its nine syllables pronunciation. Your customer from Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia tends to have the habit of mixing English into their dialogue in Cantonese or Mandarin. Our speech to text accuracy exceeds 85% on Cantonese base mixed language.
  • We had launched the first Voicebot in Hong Kong in 2019.
  • We are providing chatbot service for the public since 2021.


HKT Strategic Work-From-Home Solution 

  • A resilient operation model that support business continuity
  • Secured network & data protection
  • Proven results lead by experienced operations to deliver Customer Experience

Data Security 

  • Data Integrity & Safety
  • Data Leakage Prevention

Performance Management

  • Agent productivity dashboard
  • KPI management
  • Work Force Management system ensuring adherence and attendance

System & Tools

  • Live Monitoring of Agent’s Activities
  • System screen capturing
  • Incident Management

Training & Communication 

  • Ethnics training, procedure & guidelines, confidentiality agreement
  • eLearning, coaching & daily review


HKT Teleservices has committed to eCommerce business process outsourcing since the start of the millennium.

Asia Pacific Specialty Store Operation:

  • PCI compliance
  • Mother language agents from 6 Asian countries
  • Individual country’s consumer law compliance operation practice
  • Pre-sales, order tracking, post sales, repair, return, reclaim, replacement, refund … etc. handling.

Asia Pacific Premium Loyalty Program:

  • Cross county loyalty credit management service
  • Loyalty credit gift redemption management and tracking service
  • Loyalty program event invitation, booking and follow-up service
  • Cross platform specialty store omni-channel customer service

eCommerce Platform Business Process Outsourcing:

  • Merchant registration and verification
  • Rider registration and operation support
  • Customer service, complain and resolution
  • Content solicitation
  • Claim and compliance processing

Virtual Banking:

  • Facility Management

Revenue & Sales Generation

HKT Teleservices is experienced in evolving customer service from cost center to profit center.

From customer service to sales

  • We had helped client extending their customer service hotline to utensils replenishment sales hotline

From speech analytics to sales

  • Hints on customer retention risk or opportunity may be hidden in customer service calls
  • Through speech analytics, we had helped customers improving their success rate in customer retention

From data analytics to sales

  • Data analytics in customer service call history has helped digging out opportunities in new product selling and cross selling
  • Through CRM system, pro-active product selling upon customer service calls

Consulting & Analytics

HKT Teleservices is experienced in providing consulting and analytics service.

Business Intelligence

  • Big data visualization
  • Data mining, statistics and data modeling
  • Database management

Standard Operation Procedure Design & Consultancy

Service Channels Integration and AI employment Consultancy