Travel & Lifestyle

Travel is a lifestyle that makes one special

We help your service becomes an experience of lifestyle

We know the way to serve your target market. Premium, economic, budgetary, … can all be a lifestyle

HKT Teleservices brings over a decade of experience in travel, lifestyle and entertainment contact center services. In our fast-paced world, consumer demands and expectations can change quickly. We build innovative and scalable program support platforms which provide the level of flexibility required for the world’s top brands to deliver consistently outstanding services to consumers. We have worked with several of the world’s top airlines, resorts, travel agencies, and loyalty programs to provide BPO services that reduce costs, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Lifestyle is an ever change need. We are experienced in matching your enlightenments to hidden potentials

We're here to inform which tactics need funding and which are drainsom resources.

Traditional travel, hotel and resort business has gone under quick evolution in recent years brought by eCommerce. We have been in the fore-front of this evolution and have:

  • Helped premium airline developing a loyalty lifestyle
  • Helped executing cross-brand lifestyle travelling experience
  • Helped budgetary travelling to capture the growing competitive market
  • Helped world famous resort growing service region by region

We know the right ingredients to the success of your travel and lifestyle business.