InternetNetwork management solution (Guangdong Efly)

HKT equips Guangdong Efly with comprehensive network management solution

  • Based in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Efly Cloud Computing provides various industries with cloud computing, Internet data center (IDC) and content distribution network (CDN) services. Efly decided to start a global expansion push in Hong Kong.
  • Efly required nodes in Hong Kong to meet four criteria – quality international bandwidth, a speedy service-response process, scalability of machine room facilities and uplink ports allowing fast bandwidth expansion. All this would contribute to better customer service worldwide.

  • HKT was able to provide fast and stable access to information throughout multiple geographies worldwide, thanks to its Premium Internet access resources and outstanding coverage, as well as impressive low-latency and packet-loss performance.
  • A one-stop service that included a network operations center (NOC) and call center was deployed in mainland China and Hong Kong, allowing Efly to monitor its network via multiple channels in a timely manner.

  • HKT supplied high-quality international bandwidth and met Efly’s need for ongoing bandwidth expansion, thereby maximizing their business development efforts overseas.
  • Speedy responsiveness and flexibility were hallmarks of the way HKT met all the criteria established by Efly, and in making a crucial contribution to end-user development.

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