Case Studies

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HKT equips Guangdong Efly with comprehensive network management solution

  • Based in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Efly Cloud Computing provides various industries with cloud computing, Internet data center (IDC) and content distribution network (CDN) services. Efly decided to start a global expansion push in Hong Kong.
  • Efly required nodes in Hong Kong to meet four criteria – quality international bandwidth, a speedy service-response process, scalability of machine room facilities and uplink ports allowing fast bandwidth expansion. All this would contribute to better customer service worldwide.

  • HKT was able to provide fast and stable access to information throughout multiple geographies worldwide, thanks to its Premium Internet access resources and outstanding coverage, as well as impressive low-latency and packet-loss performance.
  • A one-stop service that included a network operations center (NOC) and call center was deployed in mainland China and Hong Kong, allowing Efly to monitor its network via multiple channels in a timely manner.

  • HKT supplied high-quality international bandwidth and met Efly’s need for ongoing bandwidth expansion, thereby maximizing their business development efforts overseas.
  • Speedy responsiveness and flexibility were hallmarks of the way HKT met all the criteria established by Efly, and in making a crucial contribution to end-user development.
  • The customer is a major online recruitment platform in the Asia-Pacific Region, with its business covering Greater China, Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia, etc., serving more than 10 million job seekers worldwide. It has established a comprehensive database.
  • The customer’s subsidiaries in South China needed to establish data interconnectivity with its head office in Southeast Asia. The network provided by the previous operator was very instable, seriously affecting the efficiency of the customer’s daily operation.

  • HKT as a world-oriented leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong, its IP backbone network, land cables and submarine cables connect the Greater China Region and other major cities, meeting the need of multinational enterprises for interconnectivity between regional subsidiaries.
  • The Premium Internet (PI) provided by HKT fully utilizes the existing network resources to solve the problem of bottleneck in outbound bandwidth and enhance the network performance.

  • Through HKT’s PI solution, the customer achieved a nearly zero packet loss rate in the Asia-Pacific Region, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, thereby improving the quality of network between the head office and the subsidiaries, and enhancing the efficiency of internal operation.
  • Benefiting from HKT’s technical team which is familiar with the local network environment and market characteristics, the customer’s technical department has a better control over the company’s Internet access, and is also able to monitor the network proactively on a 7×24 basis.
  • Established in January 2009, Beijing Cloud Times Technology Co., Ltd. (“Cloud Times”) is listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code: 871315). Headquartered in Beijing, Cloud Times has set up subsidiaries and R&D centres in Shanghai and Wuxi. As a leading provider of IDC and CDN integrated services in China, Cloud Times is primarily engaged in the provision of nationwide data centre management and networking services, content distribution and acceleration, cloud hosting and cloud security to its customers, as well as network optimizing solutions targeting operators.
  • As it continues to expand its footprint in recent years, Cloud Times is now focused on entering overseas markets, with a view to gaining international access for its large customer base. Cloud Times therefore, found itself in need of a network provider to address its demand for a network with high availability and flexible bandwidth. In light of the higher business volume from its international operation, Cloud Times also hoped to build a cloud node in Hong Kong as soon as practicable, in order to meet the needs arising from additional operations.

  • As a leading provider of ICT services based in Hong Kong, HKT provides one-stop services to domestic and foreign corporate customers. In addition to operating numerous nodes and a sizeable network in town, HKT is also interconnected with many international data centre operators.
  • SkyExchange – HKT’s Facilities Managed Network Services (FMNS), operates a number of nodes for many of Hong Kong’s backbone networks, it has access throughout the territory and features extensive fault tolerance. Connecting multiple locations ed with its 10G duplicate fiber-optic loop, HKT is fully equipped for crisis management, and it is capable of providing secure network connectivity of high bandwidth and low latency to corporate customers under different categories.

  • Cloud Times’ servers are directly connected with network nodes through HKT’s SkyExchange to allow high-speed transmission. As a result, network latency for local and international links has been significantly reduced to a minimum of less than 15 milliseconds.
  • As all networks FMNS required for deploying Cloud Times’ public and private clouds at the local end are solely provided by HKT, and they have been integrated a singleFMNS, the resulting barrier-free connectivity and shortened distance for data transmission have improved the user experience for Cloud Times.
  • As Cloud Times plans on building overseas SD-WAN nodes in the future, HKT will utilize its edge in network resources in Hong Kong to help Cloud Times “go global” and deliver on its ambition of further establishing a global presence.
  • KLOOK is a leading global travel experience and booking platform, covering 300 international destinations and providing booking services of over 100,000 local itineraries and travel services, including spot ticket booking, one-day trip planning, local transport arrangement, local cuisine ion and special journey services. KLOOK offers convenience for users to enjoy innovative event booking, electronic ticket confirmation and other excellent services on KLOOK’s website and App.
  • Established in Hong Kong in 2014, KLOOK has more than 1,000 team members across 20 branch offices around the world, and supports transactions in 9 languages and 41 currencies. KLOOK gains support from a number of top venture capital firms, such as Sequoia Capital China, SoftBank Vision Fund, MatrixPartners China, Goldman Sachs, Boyu Capital, TCV, Welight Capital and China Growth Capital, with a total investment worth more than US$520 million.
  • In view of its expanding global coverage, KLOOK requires network operators to provide premium network service and quality with plentiful overseas resources, so as to meet its surging demand for network service and its pressing need to upgrade the existing provider’s bandwidth service, on which its team members rely to run its online systems in the course of business.

  • HKT, as an ICT service provider and enabler of global connectivity headquartered in Hong Kong, possesses a host of fixed-line and international backbone network resources. It has access to bandwidth throughout more than 30 international cable systems and 78 transmission sites, providing quality and reliable network service covering over 150 countries and regions around the world.
  • According to KLOOK’s existing network structures and business development requirements, HKT has designed one-stop integrated SD-WAN solutions for the Klook’s various office locations in Mainland China and Hong Kong, including the installation of customer premise equipment, high bandwidth on HKT backbone networks and Hong Kong local network resource, which enables KLOOK to access different overseas sites without a hitch.

  • Thanks to integrated SD-WAN solutions, KLOOK has integrated networks in Mainland China and Hong Kong and identifies spontaneously different flows of applications. Its features of automation performance management and wide-area network optimization greatly enhance user experience in application delivery between Mainland China and other regions.
  • Since SD-WAN service effectively allocates existing network resources and diverts business traffic to different line networks, it achieves cost efficiency by cutting 40% of network costs while aptly meeting KLOOK’s need for high quality network service.