Our People

We are a great community and we deliver great customer experience.

Training & Development

A great customer service experience starts and ends with great contact center agents. And great agents start with a training and development program that is second to none, the kind of program we have at HKT Teleservices.

We believe it all starts with recruiting and hiring the right people. We recruit highly capable individuals with the right attitudes and strong work ethics. Then, we put them in the right place in our organization. Once that’s accomplished, the real training begins. In partnership with each of our clients, we create an effective, customized training curriculum that mirrors their company’s core values and philosophies. After all, to create a winning team, each agent needs to be trained on your business, inside and out.

Our extensive training has three distinct phases:

  • classroom training
  • on-the-job training during the nesting period
  • on-going skills development

Once training is complete, each of our agents must pass a final skills certification exercise, assuring our customers that their team is comprised of professional, knowledgeable, and highly qualified personnel. And it doesn’t end there.Re-certification is required whenever training modules are changed or updated.

Each site contains a seasoned training manager with access to corporate training directors and resources. Our training leaders have deep experience in adult-learner training techniques, curriculum delivery methods, sensory stimulation techniques, and Cognitive-Gestalt approaches.


Quality Assurance

Enhance Customer Care Quality

At HKT Teleservices, we truly believe that quality products and solutions start with quality people. By hiring high integrity, motivated workers with resilient spirits and the ability to think strategically, we greatly increase the quality – and effectiveness – of our solutions. It takes these kinds of workers to make the connection, make our customers comfortable, and make your sales “stick.” But we don’t stop there. Comprehensive training ensures that our agents are on top of their game at all times.

Quality is a vital foundation for everything we do. Our Quality Assurance department’s sole focus is ensuring our clients expectations are met and exceeded. Because quality is so intrinsic in meeting our clients’ goals, we believe in a multi-layered approach to quality assurance. First, we maintain one of the lowest agent-to-supervisor ratios in the industry. This allows our supervisors to spend more time listening, coaching, and developing agents. Next, we know that training and development never really ends, so each site has a Quality Assurance and Development team which monitors every agent on a regular basis, including extra attention to new agents and agents needing a little extra help. On top of these initiatives, we maintain independent corporate quality assurance and sales verification groups.

We work with our agents every day to ensure compliance, improve product knowledge, and increase skills so your programs support your biggest assets – your brand and your customers.

We know quality is the backbone to every program success. By focusing on quality throughout the hiring and training process and then in every day operations, we ensure strong results that meet our clients’ expectations.

Performance Management

HKT Teleservices Account Management

One thing that makes us different is our best-in-class client services team. At HKT Teleservices, we call them our client champions. It’s their goal to exceed our clients’ expectations from the discovery phase through implementation, program management, and beyond.

Our solid growth over the past 20 years has been a clear reflection of our successful client partnerships, much of it due to the credit of our account managers.

When you partner with HKT Teleservices, you will work with an account manager with deep knowledge in your industry, strong communication skills, and strong organizational skills. As your day-to-day contact, your account manager will proactively support you across many vital areas:

  • Foster clear communication between you and the HKT Teleservices team
  • Create, maintain, and coordinate program information, delivery, and timelines
  • Review metrics, search for new ideas, and offer improvement suggestions
  • Ensure we are meeting your goals and objectives
  • Evaluate and refine the process throughout the life of program
  • Identify and recommend new and innovative ideas for program improvement

We also ensure our account managers stay up-to-date of your industry news, trends and regulations. It’s their responsibility to educate our internal teams working on your program in order to provide the most effective service possible.


Motivation and Company Culture

HKT Teleservices offers our staffs challenges at work, clear career path, emphasis on work-life-balance and a strong sense of belonging.

Our client programs are all demanding that requires good problem solving skill, good learning skill and responsive to market changes. Our training and coaching scheme helps and motivates the young staffs with ambition to perform high initiative in picking up responsibilities and aim for their next career step.

We emphasize on work-life-balance. To encourage the building of a staff community, over the years, we have arranged good funding for staff activities on festival seasons, new year celebration, sports competition, annual outing and program dedicated budget managed by ambassadors selected by program staffs. This is much appreciated by our staffs, especially many of them are youngsters working for from home.

In addition, HKT Teleservices has been a responsible enterprise citizen. We organize volunteer team contributing in a variety of community services. For example, elderly care, female & kids right support, environmental protection work group, ocean protection work group, … etc. Through the participation in these community services, our staffs learn to appreciate HKT Teleservices’ dedication to the care of the society and the environment.