Outsource your Technology Sales, Service and Help Desk Support to HKT Teleservices

One of the keys to successfully outsourcing contact center and back office processes is finding the right partner. HKT Teleservices is a leading provider of outsourced customer contact solutions for a variety of technology industries, with particular experience in the networking technology and consumer electronics markets. HKT Teleservices has worked with several of the world’s Top 10 technology and consumer electronics companies, helping them to build stronger relationships with existing and prospective customers.

With more than a decade of experience across multiple clients and applications, we offer proven best practices with a wide range of consumer program applications to integrate service-to-sales, improve customer satisfaction, and delight your customers.

While each client and program may have unique needs, targets, and program parameters, the breadth of program support has grown to cover a complete range of programs, including:

  • Distributor, repair and service center support
  • Direct sales
  • Product and service inquiries
  • Technical support
  • Fulfillment logistics

Outsourcing Benefits for Technology & Consumer Electronics

  • Improve customer interactions
  • Effective cost savings
  • Extend reach and support in Asian Markets
  • Broad foreign language support
  • 24×7×365 service
  • Proven sales results
  • Process maturity and scalability

Contact us today to learn how our end-to-end business operations centers for technology and consumer electronics can help you reach even the highest performance and quality targets.


“Service matters much! Our contact center performs a critical role in achieving a desired customer experience, as well as loyalty, and HKT provides exactly the kind of professional service needed to meet those requirements. We’re confident that we are able to achieve the maximum in terms of value-add at our contact center because of the strategic partnership we have with HKT.”

May Zhang, Support Operations, Customer Care, Nokia China