Single View of Customer

HKT Teleservices places a strong emphasis on developing a single view of customer for our clients.

In today’s world, the end-customer has the option to contact an organization via a myriad of channels, including voice, chat, email, fax, social media, wechat and more. The same customer may very well call you on telephone in the morning, and leave you another message on social media in the evening.

Due to this trend of ever-expanding communication channels, it is critical that we provide consistent and efficient services to our end-customers via all contact points. HKT Teleservices will provide you with the facilities to obtain a single view of customer, giving you the means to identify and understand who your customers are, regardless of the contact medium they choose to utilize.

HKT Teleservices has developed a Contact Center Front-end System (CCFS) which acts an operating platform for our customer service agents, as well as integrating with different communication platforms on the backend. CCFS has allowed us to effectively collect, store and analyze data gauged from different contact channels in relation to a customer.

Upon identifying a customer, the customer service agent can see a customer’s information in CCFS in a comprehensive manner, including all past contact records from all communication channels, previous purchase records, and the customer’s general information. Through each contact, new information about a customer is further saved into the system. This mechanism enables a more personalized and tailored service provision, thus ensuring consistent and quality service delivered via all channels.

Additionally, as information is gathered over time, we are able to help you better profile and understand your customers, providing you with valuable business insight derived from analysis of extensive contact data. This data can be consolidated with your existing database for a more complete picture and support business decision-making in the long-term.