Providing You Access to Your Information Whenever You need it

Providing clients with reports and data is standard fare, but providing access when you need it, how you need it, and wherever you need it…now that’s a benefit. HKT Teleservices provides a comprehensive set of information to help clients run their programs better. Whether you need to generate a customized on-demand report, listen to a particular type of customer call, or find customer proof-of-enrollment, our web-based client portal helps in numerous ways.

We offer reporting tools that empower you with the ability to generate on-demand reports based on your specifications…not any arbitrary system limitations or any pre-determined layouts based on someone else’s preferences. Or maybe you want to conduct some extra call monitoring by accessing randomly recorded calls where you can refine your search by everything from agent, team, and site. You can do all of this and more with our secure client portal whenever you have internet access.

Key Client Portal Benefits:

Your program management team has access to valuable information needed for making important program decisions.

You’ll have detailed access at the granular level (e.g. by agent or time of day) or aggregated in a time-series trend that you define in order to meet your analytical desires.

We understand that your customer contact programs involve your clients and prospects, so you should have full access to information whenever you need it.

We allow your team to access and aggregate information across a variety of areas in order to gain a more holistic view of your programs.