Besides the fact that we are an energetic, dynamic and refreshing group to work with, we have a host of tangible benefits that will significantly impact your business and customer relationships.

When you work with HKT Teleservices, you will:


Account Management

One thing that makes us different is our best-in-class client services team. At HKT Teleservices, we call them our client champions. It’s their goal to exceed our clients’ expectations from the discovery phase through implementation, program management, and beyond.

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Training & Development

A great customer service experience starts and ends with great contact center agents. And great agents start with a best-of-breed training and development program, the kind of program we have at HKT Teleservices.

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Quality Assurance

At HKT Teleservices, we truly believe that quality products and solutions start with quality people.By hiring high integrity, motivated workers with resilient spirits and the ability to think strategically, we greatly increase the quality – and effectiveness – of our solutions.

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IT Infrastructure

In order to provide clients with the highest level of support across the globe, we have developed an information technology infrastructure with superior design providing an essential foundation for program success.

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Client Portal

Providing clients with reports and data is standard fare, but providing access when you need it, how you need it, and wherever you need it…now that’s a benefit. HKT Teleservices provides a comprehensive set of information to help clients run their programs better.

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HKT Teleservices provides a host of call center reports to help you make informed decisions to improve your business and customer relationships. It’s more than just providing you with the traditional call metrics like handle time, first call resolution, and sales metrics such as average order value and sales conversions per hour. You will have the business intelligence you need.

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Single View of Customer

Due to this trend of ever-expanding communication channels, it is critical that we provide consistent and efficient services to our end-customers via all contact points. HKT Teleservices will provide you with the facilities to obtain a single view of customer, giving you the means to identify and understand who your customers are, regardless of the contact medium they choose to utilize.

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