Social Media Service

HKT Teleservices has a comprehensive solution to help you reach and cater to customers from various social media channels. We have assisted many of our global clients to set up and build a strong customer service presence on major social media platforms, thus achieving the following objectives:

  • Maximize customer service coverage
  • Improve online user experience
  • Strengthen online brand image

The main components of our social media solution consist of customer support, proactive customer care, data analysis, and Wechat-specific service.

Customer Support

Customer support involves setting up official social media accounts and pages for the client on the preferred social media platforms and thereby handling customer enquiries on these platforms.

Customer Support Process:

Proactive Customer Care

To achieve proactive customer care, HKT Teleservices is able to implement social media monitoring for the client in the wider social space through the use of brand or product-specific keywords. Upon identification of related social media messages, the social customer service team would promptly attend to the targeted user to offer support and assistance. As a result, no relevant messages are ignored; and therefore possible social crisis can be prevented.

Proactive Customer Care Process:

Data Analysis

Through social monitoring and listening, comprehensive sets of data is collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis. Reports are generated to better understand social media voice, user perception and behavior in order to support further decision-making.

Wechat Service

HKT Teleservices offers a complete Wechat customer service solution to help you leverage the growing popularity of Wechat as a mobile interactive application, enabling the provision of mobile customer service via the official Wechat service account.

Wechat Service Components:

Through our professional Wechat handling platform, we can help you provide 1:1 customer service to your Wechat followers, serving their needs in a prompt and efficient manner. In terms of content management, we can also assist you in setting up the Wechat menu, automated messages and content categorization.

In the backend, all customer records, data and reports are kept in the HKT Teleservices contact center front-end system, which is integrated for all communication channels.