E-commerce Service

HKT Teleservices has the experience to help you provide professional customer service to visitors and customers on your e-commerce platforms, whether it is self-owned or hosted on a major third-party provider. Our services aim to assist you in achieving the following objectives:

  • Build online brand image
  • Facilitate online sales
  • Expand customer service channels

Our e-commerce solution places a heavy emphasis on enhancing customer experience, which we have found is directly affected by browsing experience, customer service and product delivery. Therefore, the achievement of quality customer experience is through customer service and store building.

In store building, we can assist in designing and implementing visual graphics, navigation, and the day to day management of content, in order to ensure that a customer has a satisfactory and smooth browsing experience.

Our customer service team can provide presales and post-sales support to your e-commerce customers and members, fulfilling their needs encompassing enquiries, bookings, refunds, product exchange, confirmations, and redemption. Our presales service aims to facilitate sales conversions, whilst post-sales and delivery will drive the improvement of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we are able to assist your ecommerce operations from a marketing and strategy perspective. In closely working with your team, we can create together marketing campaigns, traffic generation methods, product strategies, and pricing strategies for long-term business success.

Interactive Channels

The HKT Teleservices team utilizes multiple communication channels to deliver prompt and personalized support to your ecommerce customers. Professional live chat lies at the core of this service, however at the same time; live chat is also integrated with other medium including voice, email and social media to deliver a complete interactive experience.

Our integrated live chat solution achieves the following main functions:

  • Contact Flow Management: routing the interaction to preferred channels including voice, forums or website
  • Case Management: contact information integrated with other channels including voice, email and social media, keeping a consistent customer record for efficient and improved service
  • Statistics and Reporting: full insight on your chat contacts, including performance measurement, volume monitoring, KPI’s, and chat records
  • All rounded view of customer: real-time insight of who your customers are and where they came from, including history of interactions

Live Chat Handling Process:

Additionally, through integrating the e-commerce store to the HKT Teleservices contact center front-end system, we are able to collect and maintain consolidated customer data, integrated from multiple channels. This enables the provision of consistent quality service as well as aiding in long-term customer relationship management.

Our comprehensive backend reporting and data analysis functions also serve to assist you in making future business initiatives regarding ecommerce operations.