One of the most important ways your customers interact with your brand is through your customer contact points. It may be a phone call inquiring about their latest invoice, an email checking on the status of a shipment, or a web chat inquiring about product details. Every interaction – whether it is inbound or outbound; voice, email or chat; or related to sales, service or technical support – is a direct reflection on your company and will impact your customer retention rates and lifetime values.

It’s important to choose a partner that has deep experience in all aspects of the customer contact experience. HKT Teleservices offers fully integrated contact management solutions that cover every type of customer contact imaginable. Our highly skilled staff is specially recruited and trained so your customers have a great experience no matter how they choose to interact with your company.

HKT Teleservices is available to help your customers in whatever way they feel most comfortable communicating. We offer language service capabilities to speak with over half of the world’s population so your customers can speak or write in the way that is easiest for them. We ensure every interaction with your customer or prospect is professional, the information is accurate and the experience leaves each person with a positive impression of your brand.


Customer Care

At one time, customer service was seen as a necessary cost center. It was expensive and the value was hard to determine. HKT Teleservices helps you transform what was once considered a cost center, into a program that delivers real benefits.

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Technical Support

HKT Teleservices has a vast range of technical support and help desk service experience. We offer multi-tiered technical support. Our technical experts can address the most complex problems or the most common issues.

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Back Office Support

HKT Teleservices offers several back office services to help your business gain greater operational efficiencies while still effectively servicing your customers.

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HKT Teleservices has the experience to help you design, implement and manage sales programs that will reach your revenue goals. Our sales programs include outbound telemarketing, inbound sales, email, web chat sales and even SMS and text.

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Social Media

HKT Teleservices has a comprehensive solution to help you reach and cater to customers from various social media channels. 

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HKT Teleservices has the experience to help you provide professional customer service to visitors and customers on your e-commerce platforms, whether it is self-owned or hosted on a major third-party provider.

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