Nokia customers enjoy the best possible care, thanks to a PCCW contact center solution

To ensure customers receive the very best customer service, mobile handset manufacturing giant Nokia selected PCCW Teleservices to design, implement and manage a regional customer care center to serve a massive customer base in Greater China. Supreme customer service includes friendly, personalized assistance from sales to handset repair status tracking.


Business challenge

Providing personalized care for an expanding customer base in Greater China

Mobile technology evolves rapidly, giving rise to numerous highly-advanced and sophisticated mobile devices. This makes competition even keener in Greater China’s booming telecommunications market. With a commitment to quality of product and customer experience, Nokia is devoted to providing intensive and personalized customer care in relation to handset functionality, mobile device compatibility, mobile software support, warranty and repair. That highlighted the need for a multi-channel, interactive, customer service platform to play an essential role in customer engagement.

PCCW Teleservices’ impressive track record in hands-on experience convinced Nokia to build on our competence and capability to achieve even higher-quality performance levels at the company’s regional contact center – the Nokia Careline Contact Center – in Greater China.


Adding value to your business

Center of excellence

PCCW Teleservices has been in the call center outsourcing market for more than 15 years and runs one of Asia’s 24-hour, multi-channel contact center operations. Over the years, PCCW has generated a wealth of experience in contact center design, construction, maintenance and operation. With a mission to maximize the value of every point of customer contact for our clients, PCCW has developed world-class contact management technologies and processes and expertise, as well as best practice in human resources and operational management to formulate creative, relevant and highly-efficient solutions to serve demanding and dynamic business operations.

Establishing an integrated contact center

A dedicated team of systems architects and solutions managers from PCCW Teleservices analyzed the diverse needs of Nokia customers and constructed a multi-touchpoint customer service center that provides hotline services in Cantonese, Putonghua and English for Nokia’s customers in Greater China. Swinging into action in June 2001, the center now provides a full spectrum of multi-channel customer care services for Nokia’s customers.

This hotline manages inbound inquiries on all Nokia’s products, plus outbound follow-up calls for resolving a variety of customer issues, including satisfaction surveys. Email and fax channels are also provided to address all customer needs.

Meanwhile, a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) platform was developed to provide customers with the ability to retrieve information on repair location, handset prices and the latest Nokia news, as well as frequently-asked questions on usability, without having to speak to an agent.

Developing an online knowledge base

To help maintain service quality and consistency, PCCW Teleservices has developed an online knowledge base so that each Nokia customer service representative can provide callers with the last product information and product operation procedures in an accurate and speedy manner. This has been made possible by an online knowledge base that stores updated product and enhancement details, along with a virtual library of phone models.

Comprehensive training

All staff have to be well versed in Nokia’s products and services, so PCCW Teleservices provides extensive training to cover areas, such as sales, repair and maintenance, troubleshooting and warranty issues. To ensure quality performance and cost-effective service levels, we co-operate closely with Nokia on a continual basis to provide up-to-date training on newly-launched products and industry-related issues.

To achieve both training consistency and cost effectiveness, PCCW has developed a computer-based training tool that has already played an important role in online training for agents, and enables Nokia to monitor training progress and course quality.



Centralized operations

Thanks to PCCW Teleservices’s expertise, Nokia has built a dedicated customer contact center that enjoys centralized administration of a full spectrum of contact management services and worry-free customer service management.

Custom-built infrastructure & software applications

In implementing Nokia’s multi-channel contact center, PCCW Teleservices customized infrastructure and software applications to address the client’s business needs. The center was designed with an expandable capability to accommodate business growth, global CRM systems integration initiatives and contingency planning to minimize risk.

Comprehensive client-specific training

Highly-effective training courses help staff develop client-specific skill sets so that all customer service representatives hold adequate knowledge to provide quality services to Nokia customers. The establishment of a knowledge base has proved to be an efficient staff-training and knowledge-transfer tool.



Location of contact center:
Guangzhou and Beijing

Scope of Services:

  • Design, construct and implement the contact center
  • Administration of a full spectrum of contact management services
  • Recruit, train and manage dedicated multi-lingual customer service representative
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Contact center activities:

  • Inbound hotline call administration
  • Outbound repair customer satisfaction survey
  • Email and fax correspondence management
  • Online knowledge base development and maintenance
  • Customer insight analysis and reporting

Primary benefits:

  • Centralized operations
  • Worry-free customer service management
  • Expandable capability to accommodate growth
  • Multi-channel contact management services
  • Custom-built infrastructure and tailor-made software applications
  • Comprehensive client-specific training
  • Risk management and contingency planning

Turning a vision into reality

“Service matters much! Our contact center performs a critical role in achieving a desired customer experience, as well as loyalty, and PCCW provides exactly the kind of professional service needed to meet those requirements. We’re confident that we are able to achieve the maximum in terms of value-add at our contact center because of the strategic partnership we have with PCCW.”

May Zhang
Manager, Support Operations, Customer Care
CMO, China
Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd