Outsource your Telecommunications Sales, Service and Technical Support to HKT Teleservices

One of the keys to successfully outsourcing contact center and back office processes is finding the right partner. HKT Teleservices has deep experience in the telecommunication space. In fact, we started as the internal contact center for HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider. Today, we run extensive support operations with over 5,000 agents supporting well over 1 million residential and commercial customers. Because of this background and knowledge, we have expanded to help other telecommunications and cable companies around the world acquire new customers, improve customer retention and lifetime value, and increase cross-sell opportunities.

  • Over 1 million broadband TV users
  • Nearly 1.3 million residential and commercial broadband internet customers
  • 1.5 million mobile phone users
  • 2.7 million residential and commercial fixed line customers
  • 6,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

HKT Teleservices meets the telecommunication industry’s most stringent requirements including
ISO 9002 Standards.

We offer an integrated service model approach with a deep understanding of the tools so you can provide the highest quality of service to your customers. Whether you are under substantial pressure to trim costs, expand quickly, improve customer satisfaction, or expand to the Asian market, HKT Teleservices is the right partner for you.

Outsourcing Benefits for Telecommunications & Cable

  • Improve customer interactions
  • Effective cost savings
  • Extend reach and support in Asian Markets
  • Broad foreign language support
  • 24×7×365 service
  • Proven sales results
  • Process maturity and scalability

Contact us today to learn how our end-to-end business operations centers for telecommunications and cable can help you reach even the highest performance and quality targets.


“It’s great to see HKT Teleservices taking a leadership role and showing how outsourcing service providers must focus attention on the highest standards of compliance and customer interactions.”

Jane Bulman, Executive Director of Telemarketing Services, Comcast