HKT Teleservices Training and Development

A great customer service experience starts and ends with great contact center agents. And great agents start with a training and development program that is second to none, the kind of program we have at HKT Teleservices.

We believe it all starts with recruiting and hiring the right people. We recruit highly capable individuals with the right attitudes and strong work ethics. Then, we put them in the right place in our organization. Once that’s accomplished, the real training begins. In partnership with each of our clients, we create an effective, customized training curriculum that mirrors their company’s core values and philosophies. After all, to create a winning team, each agent needs to be trained on your business, inside and out.

Our extensive training has three distinct phases:

  • classroom training
  • on-the-job training during the nesting period
  • on-going skills development

Once training is complete, each of our agents must pass a final skills certification exercise, assuring our customers that their team is comprised of professional, knowledgeable, and highly qualified personnel. And it doesn’t end there.Re-certification is required whenever training modules are changed or updated.

Each site contains a seasoned training manager with access to corporate training directors and resources. Our training leaders have deep experience in adult-learner training techniques, curriculum delivery methods, sensory stimulation techniques, and Cognitive-Gestalt approaches.