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  • Cathay pacific rises to the challenges of a booming aviation market, with PCCW as a dynamic “co-pilot”!

Cathay pacific rises to the challenges of a booming aviation market, with PCCW as a dynamic “co-pilot”!

Industry: Travel, Lifestyle & Entertainment | Services: Inbound Sales

As one of the world’s premier airlines, Cathay Pacific has focused traditionally on providing Premium quality service in the belief that customer loyalty is crucial to building a mutually-beneficial commercial relationship. Sharing the same passion, PCCW Teleservices has acted as a supportive partner to Cathay Pacific Loyalty Programmes Ltd (CPLP) and has helped the company to set up, manage and operate a global contact center to serve members of CPLP’S Asia Miles frequent flyer program, as well as The Marco Polo Club, since 1999.


Business Challenge

Growing demand across all continents

The rapid growth of Cathay Pacific’s operations generates an increasing demand for first-class customer service. The popularity of loyalty programs, plus a combined membership of almost 3 million customers worldwide, demonstrates the sheer scale and coverage of customer care required. Members are located in almost every time zone in the world, requiring communication skills in many different languages. All members are entitled to quality customer service support by telephone, post and email at any time, wherever they may be. To cope with a growing membership base, all program-related services need to be scalable to accommodate expansion without compromising the customer service experience.

Running a loyalty program in a professional, high-quality and effective manner so as to retain and reward customers in the prime objective of a contact center. The challenge to PCCW in this partnership lies in how to balance costs, revenue and quality, as well as how to maintain a unique Cathay Pacific ambience in an


Adding value to your business

Center of excellence

PCCW Teleservices has been in the call center outsourcing market for more than 15 years and runs one of Asia’s largest 24-hour, multi-channel contact center operations. Over the years, PCCW has generated a wealth of experience in contact center design, construction, maintenance and operation. With a mission to maximize the value of every point of customer contact for our clients, PCCW has developed world-class contact management technologies and processes and expertise, as well as best practice in human resources and operational management to formulate creative, relevant and highly-efficient solution to serve demanding and dynamic business operations.

Building a customized contact center

From identifying suitable premises and developing hardware and software systems, to staff recruitment and training, PCCW tailored a contact center to meet all CPLP’s specific business needs. The entire frontline customer service setup - including contact center preparation, implementation and operation – were all managed by PCCW on CPLP’s behalf. Eventually, a dedicated global contact center was established with multiple communications channels to handle all incoming and outgoing calls 24/7 to support daily loyalty program operations.

A pool of professional customer service talent

PCCW Teleservices plays a crucial role in recruitment, training and staff development, with CPLP contact center staff undergoing four-week, tailor-made induction courses, plus specific training in relation to each of CPLP’s loyalty programs. The curriculum ensures that member always obtain fast and accurate information. From a customer service executive staff count of 30 at launch, the CPLP contact center now holds more than 200 staff members capable of handing inquiries via multiple channels round the clock in 10 languages-Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, French, Dutch and German. Contact center staff specialize in a full spectrum of customer care services, including general inquiries, membership relationship management and flight reservations.

Seamless systems integration

In designing the most appropriate operational architecture for the center, PCCW Teleservices custom-built many systems to address CPLP’s unique needs, including seamless integration of the PCCW network with CPLP. This enables the contact center IVRS to retrieve information from CPLP’s database efficiently, and empowers all workstations to



Supporting significant business and customer growth

Since launch in February 1999, the contact center has grown sevenfold from 30 seats and currently handles more than 50000 calls every week. Capacity has expanded enormously since launch and continues to grow in response to CPLP’s ever-growing membership. PCCW Teleservices responds to Cathay Pacific’s needs with agility in human resources, operational processes and technology.

Increasing customer satisfaction through quality service

Deploying intensive staff training and comprehensive performance management systems, PCCW Teleservices applies a unique brand of professional customer relationship skills to all areas, including complaint-handling and complex inquiries from members of Asia Miles and The Marco Polo Club. We also ensure that members enjoy best-quality service during the course of contact.

Facilitating effective marketing campaigns

The CULP contact center is equipped with a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure and is staffed by professionals always ready to handle an influx of customer inquiries during marketing and promotional campaigns.



Location of contact center:
Hong Kong

Scope of Services (Cervices):

  • Design and construction of contact center premises
  • Development of systems and software
  • Recruitment, training and management of more than 200 multi-lingual customer service executives
  • International toll-free lines

Contact center activities:

  • Program Inquiries
  • Complaint handling
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Fight reservations and ticketing

Customer base:

  • Almost 3 million members worldwide

Primary benefits:

  • Centralized operations 24/7
  • Customer-built infrastructure and environment
  • Robust telecoms and IT infrastructure
  • 10 CSE language options
  • Scalable to accommodate expansion

Turning a vision into reality

“The Marco Polo Club & Asia Miles service centres strive to provide the highest quality of service to our loyalty programme members, a vision shared by PCCW Teleservices in AML’s ongoing quest for excellence.”

Stephen J. Rackstraw
Head of Member Services
Asia Miles Limited