HKT Teleservices International Management Team

Achieving HKT Teleservices’ vision of being the leading customer management service provider delivering innovative customized solutions to multinational clients, begins with the outstanding leadership of an experienced executive team. HKT Teleservices’ international management team comprises highly experienced, engaged, and dedicated industry veterans.

Our management team has deep experience in BPO and customer contact services and has proven success helping companies positively impact their customer relationships. The leadership team at HKT Teleservices works together to integrate our core values into every facet of our business. All of our people, processes, and systems are designed to support our clients’ most important assets – their brand and their customers.

  • Ansson Chan
    President, HKT Teleservices International Limited

    Ansson Chan

    Ansson Chan, President of HKT Teleservices International Limited , oversees the entire teleservices business. Ansson was one of the founding members of HKT Teleservices in 1998. Between 1998 and 2013, Ansson worked in AIA Group and had held a number of senior positions, including Regional Head of the Contact Centers of AIA Group and Chief Life Operations Officer of AIA China. In January 2014, Ansson came back to his home field, HKT Teleservices. Under the leadership of Ansson, HKT Teleservices is determined to provide the best engagement center and business process outsourcing service to the clients in order to improve their productivity, quality, customer service, sales and also competitive edge in their industries. Ansson earned his Degree of Bachelor of Social Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1986.

    • Grace Liang
      Vice President, Operations and Client Service

      Grace Liang

      Grace Liang is the Vice President of Operations and Client Service of HKT Teleservices based in Hong Kong. She has over 13 years of experience in call center outsourcing and insurance telesales industry, with a background in call center management, CRM integration in marketing campaign design and execution, business development, account servicing and operations management. Prior to HKT Teleservices, Grace was the Director of telesales operations in an international insurance company. Grace holds a bachelor degree of social science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MBA from The Netherlands Rotterdam School of Management.

    • Lewis Shum
      Vice President, Operations and Client Service

      Lewis Shum

      Lewis Shum is the Vice President of Operations and Client Service of HKT Teleservices based in Shanghai. He has more than 20 years of experience in Customer Service Management and Information Technology. Lewis led the set up and operation of a number of customer contact centers including McDonald’s, Philips, Taobao and others with over 2,000 seats in total. Projects that he has led cover multiple industries including high-tech, consumer electronics, financial and telecommunications. Prior to joining HKT Teleservices, Lewis played a role at Dell, where he managed the service outsourcing business in the Greater China region. Before that, Lewis was the Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer of PCITC Information Technology Co., Ltd. (a joint venture of Sinopec and PCCW); he was responsible for finance and new business development. Lewis holds a degree in physics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    • Ivan Lam
      Vice President, Technical Services and Facilities Management

      Ivan Lam

      Ivan Lam brings over 25 years of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) experience to lead the technical services department. He is responsible for the overall Information Technology (IT) strategy, the governing IT policies, and the management of call center system infrastructure throughout sites in Asia. Ivan brings technical innovation and expertise to strengthen call center operations efficiency and develop applications to bolster PCCW Teleservices’ competitive advantage. Ivan has been involved in the call center systems integration and ICT consulting industry for many years, helping multi-national enterprises to achieve business success using technology solutions. Ivan holds a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, Canada and an MBA from Baptist University of Hong Kong.

    • David Shapiro
      President, PCCW Teleservices (US) Inc

      David Shapiro

      David Shapiro serves as President for HKT Teleservices (US). Charged with creating a unique organization that will provide remarkable interactions between brands and their customers using multi-channels and data analytics to enhance the experience, Dave is focused on providing consultative services to clients and creating a work environment employees are proud to be part of. With over 30 years of experience in the contact center and outsourced services industries and a strong sales background, Dave has a firsthand understanding of Business Process Outsourcing and is passionate about both serving clients consultatively and growing business profitably in a win-win fashion for all stake holders. Dave is a member of SOCAP International and serves as an Officer on the local Ohio Chapter Board. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communications from Bethany College.

    • Ricchie Eugenio
      General Manager, PCCW Teleservices (Philippines) Inc.

      Ricchie Eugenio

      Ricchie Eugenio is the General Manager leading HKT Teleservices in the Philippines. With over 18-years of experience in key leadership capacity, he has led an aggressive growth strategy of multi-cultural organizations in Outsourcing, Shared Services, Product Support Services, Automotive, Media and Sales focused to redefine a culture dedicated to Equip - Inspire & Lead organizations through innovation, thought process and strategic planning. Prior joining HKT Teleservices, Ricchie made strides with the continued performance and growth of one of the largest in-house contact center in the US leading its Philippine operations in Manila & Cebu, supporting the multi and single-family property industry. With his experience in building contact centers from ground zero, Ricchie established his proficiency in multi-channels of customer touch point in the contact center industry through voice, email and chat supporting Fortune 500 companies. With a degree in Communications in the University of Santo Tomas, Ricchie collaboratively lead growth opportunities, impacting profitability, quality and efficiency and enabling partnerships with varied leadership strategies and influences in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Europe, US and the Middle East.